WisDems: There’s Nothing “Cute” About Sean Duffy’s Plans to Slash Healthcare and Rollback Women’s Rights

Oct 30, 2012

Just in time for Halloween, Sean Duffy’s allies are dressing him and his record as moderate. Think Progress is reporting that the “Young Guns Network,” a big money Republican SuperPAC, is up with a sexist new radio ad in North and Central Wisconsin urging female voters to “vote for the cute one” – Sean Duffy.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman released the following statement.

“Besides how offensive this ad is on its face – with its implication that women voters are not informed enough to make reasoned, intelligent decisions about electoral policy and instead must rely on voting based on candidates’ physical attributes – there is nothing “cute” about what Sean Duffy has done in Congress.

“When he’s not complaining about his taxpayer-funded salary, which eclipses his average female constituent’s salary three-fold, Duffy has engaged in an all-out war on women’s healthcare and their rights to make choices about their own bodies.

“Duffy co-sponsored Todd Akin’s bill to redefine rape, and he would outlaw abortion, without exception.

“Sean Duffy has also likened the purchase of life-saving healthcare coverage to the purchase of lawn equipment, while at the same time voting to go back to the days where insurance companies could legally discriminate against women by charging more for healthcare and could deny coverage for basic preventive care like breast and cervical cancer screenings.

“Rolling back the clock on women’s health, supporting legislation to redefine rape and defund Planned Parenthood, supporting radical personhood legislation, and calling women’s health groups disgusting is not “cute.”

“Duffy’s actions have the potential to cause great harm to Wisconsin women, and for that reason, we will instead vote to send Pat Kreitlow to Congress to fight for us.”