ICYMI: Assembly Republicans Tell “Some Girls, They Rape So Easy” Legislator He’s “Always Welcome” In Their Caucus

Nov 13, 2012

Following his defeat last week, outgoing Rep. Roger Rivard, who made headlines nationally for his comments that, “some girls, they rape so easy,” yesterday said goodbye to the Republican Assembly caucus, where he was told he’s “always welcome.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Majority Leader Scott Suder stated to Rivard, “I cannot say enough about the person you are. I’m proud to call you a dear, dear friend. … You are always welcome in this caucus.”

Republicans from Scott Walker to Paul Ryan publicly disavowed support for Rivard after his disgusting and offensive comments; however, Assembly Republicans continued to provide assistance on Rivard’s ultimately failed campaign.

“The people spoke last Tuesday against Republican legislators like Roger Rivard who became infamous for their reprehensible remarks about women and victims of sexual violence,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman said Wednesday. “Clearly, Wisconsin Republicans did not get the message. By continuing to support Roger Rivard, and telling him he’s “always welcome” in their caucus, the party of Scott Walker has proven yet again that they do not value women as equal partners.”

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