ICYMI: John Doe Judge Says Scott Walker Corruption Probe Still Open

Nov 27, 2012

Contrary to the wishful conjecture of Scott Walker, the corruption probe that has resulted in criminal charges to figures at the heart of his inner circle remains very much open.

That’s according to the Waukesha judge overseeing the probe, who told The Associated Press that Walker’s claims that the probe is winding down was “pure conjecture.”
On Monday, Walker’s closest aide Tim Russell announced a plea agreement to multiple felonies.
On Tuesday, Walker told an audience that he believed the so-called “John Doe” proceeding was winding down.
“Scott Walker’s central role in crimes that have now been pleaded to, and the criminal conspiracy from which he benefited, may never be fully known. What IS known, however, is that Walker’s very public pronouncements about this corruption probe, which fly directly in the face of prosecutorial and judicial independence, are little more than grandstanding, and come from a desire to preserve his personal political power instead of reassure a public that has every right to worry that their governor is corrupt,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.
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