Victory for Wisconsin's Values: An Incredible Feat

Nov 06, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the results of tonight’s election, and the incredible victory for Wisconsin values.

“For the past several years, Wisconsin has been engaged in a tumultuous conversation about the future and values of our middle class. Our victorious president has said time and again that change doesn’t come through one election or even one president. Wisconsin’s working families have taken their licks the last few election cycles, but tonight was an opportunity to continue the forward motion of that sometimes difficult but always necessary change for which he and Tammy Baldwin have fought so hard this election.

They imagine a Wisconsin in which every child has access to a first class education and a foothold in the middle class. Where our seniors are cared for in their twilight, where women are treated equally as men, and given control over their own bodies. Where people aren’t punished for whom they love, and where everyone pays their fair share so that the economy leaves no one behind.

It has been a tumultuous two years in Wisconsin as we have engaged in this great conversation over the future and values of our middle class. We know and feel deeply that change can be difficult — but as Senator-elect Baldwin’s and the president’s victory tonight proves — it WILL come.

The conversation is not over, by no means, but let tonight be that turning point in our state and our nation’s history where the powerless no longer feel they have no voice against the terrible amassed power and wealth of the special interests. Let today mark a turn in our path in Wisconsin away from a future where we grow apart. Let today begin a new a path where we all grow together.”