$19 MILLION-DOLLAR FAILURE: Audit Reveals Scott Walker WEDC Scandal

Dec 17, 2012

As Scott Walker continues to fail at his 250,000 jobs promise, a new audit reveals a wide-ranging scandal at the agency he charged with creating jobs in the first place.

The audit of the scandal-plagued Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation reveals that the quasi-public agency, put in the hands of unqualified Walker political operatives and incompetent political hacks, has lost track of millions of dollars and cannot collect $19 million in loans.

“Scott Walker continues to lie around the state about his failure to reach 250,000 jobs. Now we find his pet agency to create jobs is a $19 million failure, complete with bid-rigging and allegations of outright corruption. Scott Walker is hoping that if he repeats his lies enough, the press and the people will believe them, but with each passing day, we see that not only is he corrupt and extreme, he also is incompetent,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.

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