ICYMI: FALSE: PolitiFact Concludes Scott Walker Fibbing Massively on Jobs Claims

Dec 16, 2012

A new analysis in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shows Scott Walker’s recent claims of job creation to be an out-right lie.

According to PolitiFact, “… we determined that as of the Nov. 15, 2012 monthly report, which covered October 2012, the state created 25,411 private sector jobs under Walker’s watch” — nowhere near the intentionally inaccurate claim Walker recently made that “We’re just under 100,000″ jobs created during his term in office.

PolitiFact rated Walker’s claims “Pants on Fire,” saying, “By his administration’s own yardstick, his statement is false. We think it’s ridiculous to — after private admonitions — publicly present it this way.”

Read the report here.