ICYMI: Incriminating Email Revealed While Scott Walker Campaign Chief Denies Corruption Probe Evidence

Dec 11, 2012

A Milwaukee paper has caught Scott Walker’s former campaign manager in lies about the illegal coordination between Walker’s political and official offices that is at the heart of an ongoing corruption probe that has netted five convictions and prison time for top Republicans.

In an article published yesterday, the Shepherd Express also details a newly-revealed and incriminating e-mail with another Scott Walker aide that buttresses the growing picture that has Walker at the center of a vast criminal conspiracy.

The Shepherd Express confronted former Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes to question him about recently-revealed emails that show just how much Walker had turned his Milwaukee County executive’s office into a campaign shop, complete with secret computer networks and illegal daily coordination.

Cornered by the Shepherd Express, the former manager repeatedly denied the substance of the corruption probe emails, incredibly claiming that what has been shown thus far is merely “pieces of elements….”

Gilkes followed Walker to Madison from Milwaukee and had been his campaign manager into 2011.

Read the entire report here.

“With every day going by, the evidence is accumulating to show that Scott Walker surrounded and built a criminal culture in Milwaukee that he very likely brought with him to Madison,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Walker should take pains to release all the emails in question in the John Doe corruption probe. With five convictions of his inner circle, it is incumbent on him to allay the fears of a public who see all the makings of corruption.”