Paul Ryan Should Heed Lesson of Election

Dec 03, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to Paul Ryan’s recent comments to a Tea Party radio show host about the fiscal cliff.
“Instead of showing leadership, Paul Ryan is suggesting a return to the budget excess that helped raise the fiscal cliff to begin with.
“Instead of currying favor with his Tea Party base, Ryan would do well to heed the lessons of this election, where the debate was very explicitly about fiscal fairness not merely for the top 2 percent, but for ALL Wisconsinites. Ending the Bush tax cuts for the super-wealthy is supported by 64 percent of Wisconsinites and would go a long way toward achieving the fairness that Wisconsinites demanded in November.
“Both Ryan and Scott Walker have a record of serving the interests of the very wealthy at the expense of our working families. During recent elections, they have tried to stake out extreme Tea Party positions. But those positions were convincingly rejected in Wisconsin. Now is the time for people like Walker and Ryan to stand up for the people, not powerful special interests.”