Five Questions for Scott Walker as He Addresses Wisconsin Bankers Association Today

Jan 09, 2013

Scott Walker is addressing the Wisconsin Bankers Association, which recently released a damning report on the scandal-plagued Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, showing that Walker’s mismanagement put millions of taxpayer dollars at risk. Without question, the never-ending turmoil at the agency responsible for economic development has contributed to Wisconsin’s recent 42nd ranking in jobs growth, and Walker’s failure to reach his promise of 250,000 new jobs. 

Here are five questions for Walker on the occasion.

1. Why is Scott Walker not personally responsible for the lack of management controls at WEDC?
2. Why did Scott Walker put an unqualified political crony in his 20s, and not an experienced economic development official, at the head of an agency responsible for taxpayer dollars?
3. Does Scott Walker acknowledge that his policies have contributed at all to Wisconsin’s recent 42nd ranking in jobs growth, and if he continues to deflect any responsibility, just what accountability does he owe to Wisconsin voters?
4. Given that it was the signal promise of his 2010 campaign, why has Scott Walker distanced himself from his promise to create 250,000 jobs and if he fails at this promise, why should he not be held accountable?
5. With Darlene Wink being sentenced today, will Scott Walker ever address his personal involvement with the illegal campaign activity going on feet from his door?