ICYMI: Scott Walker Still Won’t Denounce Glenn Grothman’s Bigoted Attack on Kwanzaa

Jan 03, 2013

In the wake of Glenn Grothman’s bizarre appearance on CNN where he defended his offensive and bigoted attack on Kwanzaa, Scott Walker is still refusing to denounce Grothman’s conduct.

In an interview with WKOW News, Walker said that he didn’t know why Grothman would go out of his way to alienate people over something “some people” support, yet stated that, “everybody’s got a different opinion.”

“Scott Walker’s tepid response to Glenn Grothman’s outrageous comments is wholly inadequate,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Religious intolerance and blatant bigotry aren’t merely ‘different opinions.’ Anything less than an explicit rejection of these offensive remarks leaves the impression that Scott Walker endorses Glenn Grothman’s brand of extremism.”

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