ICYMI: The Joberator: Get Ready for Scott Walker's Phony New Jobs Math

Jan 22, 2013

With Wisconsin lagging behind most of the nation in jobs creation and Scott Walker failing utterly to fulfill his promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term, Walker is now previewing a process in which he will invent jobs numbers out of whole cloth.

Walker floated his self-serving trial balloon in news reports yesterday, which note that he now objects to the way jobs are counted and was preparing to move on to a new and improved way, presumably to cook the books in his favor.

Read about Walker’s new effort to duck accountability for his 250,000 jobs promiseĀ here.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement.

“Since Scott Walker doesn’t like what the real jobs numbers say about his failure, it looks like he’s going to go out and get new ones.

“When Scott Walker made his 250,000 jobs promise, he never expressed any problem with the method and the metrics used for generations by the State of Wisconsin, jobs economists, the federal government, industry officials, labor leaders and academics.

“What has changed between 2010, when Walker endorsed the accepted ways of counting jobs, and now, when Wisconsin ranks 42nd in jobs creation and led the nation in jobs loss under his watch?

“Scott Walker has a jobs problem and, instead of facing it head on by investing in small business and infrastructure, working across the aisle where dozens of jobs bills have gone fallow, or even showing up for work instead of preening around the country for his Tea Party friends, Walker is looking to cook the books in his favor.

“Just a few weeks ago, a top administration official said that with Wisconsin failing at jobs creation, “We have to do things differently.” Apparently, Scott Walker took that to mean change the way his failure is measured.”