BREAKING-Former Scott Walker Campaign Webmaster Sentenced in Child Enticement Scheme

Feb 13, 2013

The man who owned and operated Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign Website was sentenced today in Waukesha County in charges related to a child enticement rap.

Brian Pierick received 50 hours of community service. His domestic partner Tim Russell, a top Walker aide and top Republican figure, was sent to prison last month.
Four other top Walker associates have been convicted in the John Doe criminal corruption probe, which has caused Walker to set up a criminal defense fund.
Pierick operated and was a longtime supporter of Walker’s runs for county executive and governor. He initially was charged with attempting to expose himself to a minor, as well as entice a minor under the age of 18 into a vehicle.
Walker has so far refused to address the role that Pierick and Russell played in his various campaigns.