BREAKING — Rob Zerban Blasts Paul Ryan Sequester Plans To "Marginalize America"

Feb 23, 2013

Tells WisDems Leaders That GOP Cuts Will Harm Prosperity

Rob Zerban told Wisconsin Democratic leaders today that Paul Ryan’s support for the right-wing Republican sequester plan would “marginalize America” and kneecap American prosperity.

Zerban, who in 2012 was Ryan’s toughest opponent since the Tea Party Republican’s first election, spoke in Stevens Point to the Wisconsin Democratic County Chairs Association at its annual meeting, a traditional launch point for high-profile campaigns.

Zerban took on Ryan’s sequester plans in the following delivered remarks:

Paul Ryan and his right-wing colleagues don’t understand the importance of investing in the American people.

“He recently tried to pin the blame for sequestration on President Obama, but we all know he has been a longtime supporter of these mandatory, arbitrary caps that would be so dangerous to the middle class and our economy.
“Paul Ryan wants to cut, reduce, downsize, marginalize. And that is somehow supposed to make America great? I think America needs to grow, expand, prosper.  We can do that by investing in the things that will help our economy grow and making sure that every kid in this country has the same opportunities that I had growing up.  Because it sure paid off for me. America is supposed to be a place of opportunity. Our country doesn’t just exist for the wealthiest people in our nation.  It should be a place where those who come from modest means can learn, grow, and contribute to making this country stronger than it is today.”