BREAKING: Ron Johnson's Blind Extremism a Disservice to Wisconsin Women

Feb 11, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman in response to Ron Johnson’s Senate vote today against the Violence Against Women Act.

“Ron Johnson’s vote today was a shameful display of how his blind extremism is directly at odds with the well-being and dignity of Wisconsin women. The Violence Against Women Act is demonstrably responsible for giving communities and law enforcement the tools to help women in the clutches of violence. This is law with broad bipartisan support, including all the Republican women in the Senate, and support from advocates, cops, judges and average men and women.
“But Ron Johnson, like Wisconsin’s Republicans, can always be counted on to march to the beat of Tea Party drums no matter how it conflicts with the interests of most of the rest of Wisconsin. Ron Johnson continues to bring shame on to the U.S. Senate and shame on to Wisconsin. His vote against common-sense protection for women against domestic abuse is another example.”