Secession? More Scott Walker Tea Party Distractions

Feb 11, 2013

Scott Walker addressed an NRA convention in Wausau over the weekend where materials calling for Wisconsin to secede from the Union were distributed.

That’s according to ThinkProgress.org, which pictured images of the Wisconsin-based right-wing publication, “The Reality News,” which called for secession and alluded to armed rebellion.
Additionally at that same conference, former Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate and state Senate leader Bob Welch mocked the Sandy Hook shootings by saying that NRA leaders need only wait til after the “Connecticut effect,” meaning the shooting deaths of 20 children, wears off.
“Scott Walker should denounce any talk of secession, but more than that, he should just stop his attempts to court the Tea Party fringe. His distractions and his personal ambition are part of the reason that Wisconsin is ranked 42nd in job growth and has the 2nd-worst jobs climate in the nation,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “While Scott Walker is off playing footsie with the extreme right wing of the Tea Party, he is derelict in his duties as governor.”