Soldiers Furloughed, Senior Meals Cut, Airports Closed, Kids Kicked Off Head Start: No Biggie to Scott Walker

Feb 24, 2013

As Scott Walker left Wisconsin’s ailing economy behind this weekend for another trip to court right-wing special interests in Washington, on Monday he was dismissing the mandated cuts of the forthcoming sequester and suggesting massive cuts to Medicare as a solution.
Wisconsin would see immediate cuts of $27.4 million, which would affect everything from senior meals and Head Start to jobs-training programs and Wisconsin’s regional airports.
But speaking to worshipful friends at Fox News Monday, Walker urged lawmakers to enact the sequester cuts and “call the bluff” of the austerity program.
“Scott Walker has played politics with Wisconsin’s economy and that’s why our economy is rated so terribly. Now, as he continues his star turn among the right-wing for 2016, he is urging that national leaders play the same political game with the national economy that has resulted in such disaster in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.
“In his quest for approval from the likes of Fox News, Scott Walker is eager to use Wisconsin seniors and schoolkids, workers and soldiers as pawns in service to the same tired ideology that protects tax cuts for the richest at the expense of the economic security of the middle class.”