Three Questions for Tea Party's Pat Roggensack as Choking Claims Refuted in Filing

Feb 13, 2013

The claims by Tea Party Justice Pat Roggensack that fears about personal safety at the Wisconsin Supreme Court were conjured “gossip” were refuted in a filing yesterday that showed more security was sought and granted two months before an infamous choking incident.

Roggensack has been a staunch defender of her fellow Tea Party justice Dave Prosser, who allegedly choked Justice Ann Bradley in June 2011.

In the filing, Bradley wrote that, “It strains credulity that a justice on our court would be perpetuating the myth that our issues of workplace safety and work environment have somehow healed themselves.”

Three questions for Roggensack:

1. How can Pat Roggensack claim no workplace problems when nonpartisan court staff and law enforcement itself stepped up security?
2. How can Pat Roggensack claim the Supreme Court is “doing fine” when one justice is accused of choking another justice?
3. Has Pat Roggensack coordinated her public representations about the choking incident with Republican Party and Tea Party officials, or with Prosser himself?