In Rabid Attack on Female Colleague, Andre Jacque Continues Republican War on Women

Mar 10, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Maggie Brickerman in response to attacks by Rep. Andre Jacque against Democratic Assistant Leader Sandy Pasch.

“Andre Jacque’s rabid attack on Democratic Assistant leader Sandy Pasch perpetuates the Wisconsin Republican war on women and requires an immediate apology.
“Pasch’s crime was to point out the fact that Jacque’s “unborn child” legislation was really an underhanded way to sneak in abortion rights restrictions in another guise. The unprincipled legislation could open the door for rapists to take rights away from their victims, for instance.
“But Andre Jacque twisted this rightful criticism into a gross and misleading attack, filled with phony outrage and using the bullying language that springs from a philosophy where women are second-class citizens.
“Strong women must surely be a threat to a bully like Andre Jacque. But dignity requires that he does not act on whatever internal prejudices he bears. He must apologize.”