Promise Broken: Scott Walker Finally Acknowledges 250K Jobs Failure; Refuses Responsibility

Mar 05, 2013

After his own Assembly Speaker derided Scott Walker’s promise to create 250,000 private sector jobs in his first term in office, Scott Walker has finally acknowledged publicly that he will fall well short of his signature campaign pledge — yet he continues to refuse to accept any responsibility for the broken promise.

In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio Tuesday, Walker for the first time backed away from the central promise of his 2010 campaign, which he said he would “brand” on the foreheads of his cabinet secretaries. After acknowledging this failure for the first time publicly, Walker would go on in the interview to blame others for Wisconsin’s dismal jobs performance.

Forbes magazine recently ranked Wisconsin as the 2nd worst economic climate in the nation, and Wisconsin ranks dead last in job creation in the Midwest.

Walker’s recent budget continues the ruinous policies of cutting investments to infrastructure, vocational training and education that have caused Wisconsin to lead the nation in jobs lost during Walker’s term.

“Finally, Scott Walker has acknowledged that he will fail at his signature promise to create 250,000 private sector jobs in his first term,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “While this might seem like a giant leap forward, Scott Walker still does not appear ready to take responsibility for the way his policies have led us to this sorry point.”

“Scott Walker’s methods aren’t working and this isn’t a question of his desire to hit the jobs numbers he promised. This is a question of Scott Walker’s competency and effectiveness as a leader and the results of his policies. By this measure, Scott Walker and his approach have been a failure.”

“Scott Walker is full of excuses and full of reasons why he’s failing Wisconsin’s middle class, but ultimately, the buck stops with Walker.”