WisDems Chair Mike Tate Reaction to Scott Walker Openly Courting 2016 Tea Party Presidential Nomination

Mar 15, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following Scott Walker’s admission that he is openly courting the 2016 Tea Party presidential nomination.

“That Scott Walker would openly contemplate a run for president after a dismal record of job loss, division, diminished standards and unethical conduct is shocking in itself.

“And it says something about this Republican Party that the best they can do is a governor whose failed policies have caused his state to plummet to 42nd in the nation in job growth and last in the Midwest in every economic indicator.

“Scott Walker can’t run on results, because he has failed at every turn. Instead, Scott Walker is pushing the same massive cuts to Medicare and Social Security that voters overwhelmingly rejected in the last election.

“Perhaps Scott Walker can ask Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney how that worked out.

“Scott Walker is openly and baldly displaying that he would rather serve his ambition than the people of Wisconsin. Which is disappointing, but not surprising.”