A WisDems Exclusive: The (Acting) Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Agenda

Apr 14, 2013

With Scott Walker out of the state again, Rebecca Kleefisch is in charge as acting governor.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has exclusively obtained a copy of acting Governor Kleefisch’s agenda:

JOBS: Scott Walker ran for governor with a joke jobs plan written in 100 point font and a signature promise to create 250,000 new private sector jobs. With Wisconsin currently ranked 45th in wages, dead last in the Midwest in every economic indicator and 44th in the nation in job growth, down from 11th when Walker took office, acting Gov. Kleefisch faces an uphill climb to pull Wisconsin out of the mess Scott Walker created and restore the economic security of our middle-class. 

Acting Gov. Kleefisch plans to reappoint herself as Wisconsin’s “jobs ambassador” – which was her chief duty as Lt. Governor. This way, acting Gov. Kleefisch can continue her efforts to “facilitate job creation and workforce preparedness.”

DEFICIT: With $2.1 billion in new spending and an ineffective $1-per-week tax cut, Scott Walker’s budget is blowing up Wisconsin’s deficit. Even as members of his own caucus are objecting to Walker’s irresponsible giveaways, Walker is claiming that his deficit won’t REALLY be a deficit because the Wisconsin economy that he has caused to rank dead last in the Midwest in every economic indicator will somehow exceed the revenue forecast and offset the deficit.

Fortunately, acting Governor Kleefisch has a real plan to solve the deficit crisis: Little Caesars pizza for everyone.

EDUCATION: After last budget’s historic $1.6 billion cut to public education, Walker’s current budget puts not a single new penny in spending into Wisconsin classrooms, while increasing funding for unaccountable voucher schools by 32% and funding vocational schools at 1989 levels.

Acting Gov. Kleefisch intends to expand on Scott Walker’s plan to privatize all Wisconsin schools.

PAY EQUITY: After supporting fellow Scott Walker Republicans in voting to strip Wisconsin women of pay equity protections, acting Gov. Kleefisch will insist that her salary be reduced to just 77% of what Walker makes as governor.

It’s only fair, Kleefisch noted, since she doesn’t meet her own criteria to serve as governor: “My qualifications for a governor are a Christian man who can actually right our financial ship…”

MARRIAGE EQUALITY: (n/a – acting Gov. Kleefisch only represents people, not clocks or tables)