ICYMI: As Scott Walker Borrows Billions, $1-Per-Week Tax Cut Tagged as Harmful

Apr 11, 2013

As Scott Walker continues to explode Wisconsin’s debt with billions in new borrowing, the normally friendly Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an opinion piece tagging his proposed tax cut as harmful.

Walker’s budget adds $2.1 billion in new borrowing, freezing investment in public education and cutting health care, while adding new money for unacountable voucher schools and in payouts to his road builder patrons.

Meanwhile, as he runs for president, Walker is touting a tax cut that would primarily benefit the richest Wisconsinites. The average Wisconsin family would see a tax cut of only about $1 per week.

Ken Taylor writes in the Journal Sentinel today that, “there is considerable evidence that the income tax cut proposed by Gov. Scott Walker would actually hurt the Wisconsin economy…Most workers earning $30,000 and less per year won’t benefit at all, yet they stand to feel the greatest impact from the lost revenue…”

Read the entire editorial here.

“Wisconsin’s economy ranks dead last in the Midwest for a reason, and that reason is Scott Walker’s terrible policies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Given our failure, Wisconsin needs less, not more, of what Walker is peddling.”