ICYMI: Jobs Slump is Scott Walker's Fault

Apr 01, 2013

Who could have predicted that presidential candidate Scott Walker’s radical austerity policies would lead to Wisconsin’s terrible economic performance?

Economists, in fact, including Jack Norman, former research director at the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, who two years ago foresaw just what taking an estimated $850 million out of the Wisconsin economy would cause.

While the national job growth rate has been about 2 percent, Wisconsin’s has malingered at 1 percent.

Wisconsin has badly under-performed the regional economy as well and, as Norman writes in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Wisconsin’s job slump – relative to the national economy – coincides almost exactly with Walker’s time in office and deepened just when his policies went into effect.”

Read Norman’s analysis¬†here.

“The results are in and they fly in the face of a presidential candidate’s rosy pre-Iowa propaganda. Wisconsin is suffering relative to the national and regional economy as a direct result of Scott Walker’s radical policies. It’s time for our part-time governor to level with the people of Wisconsin, admit his failure and correct his path, instead of running for president,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.