ICYMI: Republicans Dodge News of Deleted Emails in Crooked Redistricting Case

Apr 21, 2013

Tea Party Republicans were dodging yet more news that they destroyed evidence as part of their crooked, redistricting power grab, which sustains them in office even though they get far fewer votes in statewide elections and up-and-down the ballot.

First reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, evidence emerged Thursday that hundreds of thousands of redistricting files were deleted from a computer that federal judges had ordered handed over to plaintiffs’ lawyers in the redistricting case.

Republicans already had been admonished for their deceitful actions in the case, which has included secrecy oaths and the waste of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Senate Republican leader Scott Fitzgerald initially declined comment on Friday’s news. And now Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who was central to the unprecedented scheme, is claiming no real involvement in what a panel of federal judges indicated bordered on outright corruption.

Read about the case here.

“The abuse of power by Tea Party Republicans in this redistricting is without precedent, and so they are either shutting up or dodging sideways. At the center of the Republican scheme is the desire to subvert democracy and grab power,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Republican leaders may not give the public any illumination on their bad acts as the sun shines in on their scheme. But it is gratifying to know that the laws of the United States just might.”