ICYMI: InBusiness Magazine Slams Failures, Ineptitude at Scott Walker’s Flagship Agency

May 07, 2013

The lack of execution at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Scott Walker’s flagship agency, could be harming other economic development efforts in the state.

That’s according to an editorial in InBusiness Magazine criticizing the ongoing scandals at WEDC.

Editor Joseph Vanden Plas, who once praised Walker for a “singular focus on economic development,” now posits that the continuing failures and lack of accountability at WEDC raise questions about Walker’s competency as governor and “could be impacting the political fortunes of other economic development proposals.”

Vanden Plas also notes that the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau’s audit “uncovered mistakes so basic, one wonders if anyone is minding the store at the new state agency that is supposed to promote economic development,” suggesting that Walker’s flagship agency was instead promoting incompetence.

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