ICYMI: “Vouchers Don’t Improve Education”

May 13, 2013

The state should invest more money into public schools, and abandon plans to funnel taxpayer dollars into unaccountable voucher schools.

That’s according to an editorial published Sunday in the La Crosse Tribune opposing the Republican plan to expand voucher schools across Wisconsin through a non-fiscal policy provision in Scott Walker’s budget.

Noting concerns about equality and accountability in voucher schools, the editorial board at the Tribune wrote that, “it’s counterintuitive to suggest that the way to improve public schools is to reduce their funding and transfer the money to private institutions, where there is no accountability and different standards. Diluting the strength of public education will not solve its weaknesses.”

They went on to add, “The state should actually spend more on public education. Updated budget figures that came in late last week show the state with an additional $500 million. A good chunk of that money should be reinvested in public education, since the last budget cut $1.6 billion in education funding, to the tune of $550 a student.”

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