A Huge Step Towards Equality

Jun 25, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin LGBT Caucus Chair Erik Paulson on today’s Supreme Court rulings.

“The Defense of Marriage Act strengthened and protected exactly zero marriages while actively harming millions of American families. Today’s action by the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA has removed a hateful stain from the laws of our country, and will stand as one of the important moments of progress towards a more perfect union. 

“The LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin applauds the Court’s decision, and urges all levels of government in Wisconsin to take notice. Many same-sex couples here in Wisconsin are united by marriages performed in other states that are every bit as legal as a marriage between a man and a woman. To avoid costly litigation, Wisconsin government should be proactive in doing everything they can to give full faith and credit to all marriages from other states. Government exists to protect all of its citizens, and families who were married in other states but now choose to make their lives here in Wisconsin deserve full support.   

“The Caucus also applauds the decision of the Court to restore marriage equality in California. While the Caucus had hoped for a broader ruling that recognized equality for all Americans, we rejoice for our brothers and sisters in California, and recommit ourselves to removing the discrimination written into the Wisconsin Constitution in 2006. 

“We know that there will be day, not long in the future, when the sun rises on an America where all citizens are free to marry the person they love. We urge all Wisconsinites to join us on the right side of history and work to hasten that day.”