ICYMI: The New York Times: “The Split Between the States”

Jun 05, 2013

Under Scott Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin has chosen a “path of indifference” when it comes to providing healthcare for those in need, in stark contrast to our neighbors in Minnesota.

That’s according to an editorial in The New York Times, which highlights the differences among the states in maintaining the social safety net.

The Times notes that, “In February, more than 130,000 Minnesota residents who lack health insurance became eligible for coverage when the state expanded its Medicaid program under the health care reform law. That will save the state $129 million in the first two years alone.”

The editorial board contrasts Minnesota’s choice to expand healthcare access with Scott Walker Republicans’ vote on Tuesday to reject the expansion of Medicaid, even though it would have covered 85,000 people at less cost to the state, noting that Wisconsin “has chosen to take the path of indifference.”

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