First Step On the Path to Victory

Jul 22, 2013

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on state Representative Penny Bernard Schaber’s candidacy for Wisconsin’s 19th state Senate district.

“Today’s announcement is good news, not just for the people of Northeast Wisconsin, but for all Wisconsinites.

“Because Representative Penny Bernard Schaber’s candidacy is the first step on the path to victory in the state Senate and in defeating Scott Walker’s extreme agenda.

“Instead of serving as a necessary check to Scott Walker’s unprincipled power grabs and damaging budgets, Republican legislators like Sen. Mike Ellis have rubberstamped Walker’s every Tea Party wish, even as the people of Wisconsin demanded that Republicans abandon their pursuit of radical social legislation and instead focus on jobs and economic security.

“But Sen. Ellis would sooner break his gavel than listen to the voices of Wisconsinites who oppose these Republican attacks on jobs, healthcare, women’s rights, and public education.

“Rep. Schaber understands that the people of Northeast Wisconsin need a senator who will stand up and fight for our shared values, not kowtow to Scott Walker at the expense of working Wisconsin families.”