ICYMI: “Why We Trail America in Jobs Growth”

Jul 02, 2013

Scott Walker’s policies have largely inhibited jobs growth, causing Wisconsin to fall behind the national economic recovery.

That’s according to an analysis by economist Jack Norman in a recent editorial in Urban Milwaukee, who notes that the recent “good news” on job growth touted by the Walker administration is not quite as good as Scott Walker would have Wisconsinites believe.

Wisconsin still trails the national economy — growing jobs at just more than half the national average since Scott Walker took office — and has been badly outpaced by most of our neighbors in the Midwest.

Norman compares the “improvement” to a football game: “At the end of the first quarter in a football game you trail by seven points, a touchdown. At the end of quarter two you trail by 14 points, two touchdowns. In the third quarter you give up only a field goal, so you trail by 17 points. Are you cheering because you only fell behind by three more points instead of seven?”

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Job Growth Chart