ICYMI: “Wisconsin quietly slides in CNBC business ranking”

Jul 15, 2013

Wisconsin’s latest business ranking has apparently left Scott Walker speechless, as The Capital Times reports that Wisconsin has dropped five slots in the new CNBC “Top States for Business” rankings without a mention from Walker.

Last year’s report showed an uptick in Wisconsin’s ranking, prompting Walker to pen a self-serving editorial claiming success for the moderate improvement.

The Capital Times also takes note of Walker’s selective promotion of jobs statistics, citing his repeated use of a favorable CEO Magazine ranking – not based on any actual data – and his avoidance of a business scorecard from conservative-leaning Forbes magazine that shows Wisconsin ranked at No. 42 for best states to do business.

“This year’s CNBC business rankings just go to show no one is quicker to claim credit where it’s not due, and deflect blame where it is, than Scott Walker,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “But no survey will change the fact that Wisconsin is suffering because of Scott Walker’s inattention to jobs and pursuit of an extreme right-wing social agenda as he campaigns for president. Instead of cherry-picking favorable statistics, Scott Walker must accept responsibility for Wisconsin’s lagging economic recovery that is trailing the rest of the Midwest and most of the rest of the nation.”

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