On the Road, Again: Scott Walker to Campaign for President in Tennessee, Alabama

Aug 20, 2013

Scott Walker is continuing his Tea Party campaign for president this Friday, headlining a pricey luncheon fundraiser in Tennessee before delivering the keynote address at the Alabama Republican Party summer dinner.

Alabama Republicans previously praised Scott Walker’s “Alabama Values” in welcoming him to address the party faithful.

The news of Walker’s latest out-of-state trip comes as the non-profit, independent Kaiser Health News was reporting that Scott Walker’s healthcare plan would remove 92,000 low-income individuals from Medicaid, nearly three times more than any other state.

“It makes sense that Scott Walker shares Alabama’s values, because kicking working families off healthcare, diminishing education standards, driving wages into the ground, and restricting women’s rights sure aren’t Wisconsin values,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “At least Scott Walker made a pit-stop in Wisconsin after his week’s vacation before heading out to campaign for president in Alabama and Tennessee – although it was probably just to fuel up his private jet.”

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