ICYMI: Appleton Post Crescent: "Walker using excuse for slow job growth"

Sep 11, 2013

MADISON — Scott Walker is deflecting blame and avoiding accountability on why he’s failing to meet his central campaign promise to create 250,000 new jobs, blaming recalls, protests and even the Affordable Care Act.
That’s according to the Appleton Post Crescent, which today editorialized that:

“…Walker ignores that fact that the way he went about achieving Act 10’s initiatives are what led to the protests and the recalls. Without his actions, they wouldn’t have happened. And the Affordable Care Act was already well debated and enacted into law in June 2010, months before Walker was elected. There’s no reason he couldn’t have accounted for it when he made his pledge.

Walker can argue about those events’ impact on job growth in Wisconsin. Is it a fact? Maybe. But he’s certainly using it as an excuse.”

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