ICYMI: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Says, “Rescind controversial DNR grant to United Sportsmen”

Sep 04, 2013

The editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is calling for Scott Walker and Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp to rescind a controversial $500,000 grant made to a Tea Party group with close ties to the Scott Walker administration.

Earlier this week, the Journal Sentinel broke the news that United Sportsmen of Wisconsin falsified its application to the state and at a hearing before the Joint Finance Committee in stating that they had a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation, but will still receive the controversial grant – to include $50,000 paid in advance.

The Journal Sentinel, which previously criticized the controversial grant as “politically-tainted” and said it smelled “to high heaven,” today editorialized that, “Like other aspects of Scott Walker’s administration, there are strong indications that the grant-making process in this case was politically motivated. If they care about whether the public can trust what they say and do, Walker and Stepp should find a way to rescind the grant and start over.”

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