On the Road, Again: Scott Walker Campaigns for President in Seattle with Tea Party Activist Ben Carson

Sep 04, 2013

Scott Walker is taking his campaign for president on the road, again, today headlining a dinner at the conservative Washington Policy Center in Seattle along with Tea Party activist Ben Carson, a prominent right-wing speaker and staunch opponent of ObamaCare.

Walker’s latest out-of-state trip, the fourth we know of in the past two weeks, comes as he faces backlash at home over both his complete abandonment of his central campaign promise to create 250,000 new jobs and a controversial $500,000 sporting grant seemingly rigged for a Tea Party group with close ties to the Walker administration.

Following initial reports that Scott Walker had specifically requested no reporters be allowed to cover the event – the first time the press was banned from the event in recent history, according to event organizers – the Seattle Times is now reporting that the event will be open to the press.

“The needs of working Wisconsin families continue to take a backseat to Scott Walker’s political ambitions as he takes his record of failure on the road, again,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Instead of campaigning for president all over the country, Scott Walker should be answering questions about his involvement in yet another pay-to-play scandal and working to get Wisconsin’s economy back on track for the middle-class.”