Walker Weekly Wrap-Up — Sept. 27, 2013

Sep 26, 2013

Walker Weekly Wrap-up

Welcome to a new feature from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the Walker Weekly Update.

Every Friday afternoon, we’ll be recapping where Scott Walker’s presidential campaign has taken him (and maybe even how often he’s using the state plane to fly between Madison and Milwaukee), the biggest news stories, and of course, Walker’s Excuse of the Week.

In the News:

Wisconsin stalled at 37th in the nation in job growth, 45th in future job growth

Wisconsin Lags the U.S….

Despite Promises from Governor Walker, Wisconsin Continues to Fall Behind in Job Creation

Governor’s “Progress Report” on Jobs Disappointing

Wisconsin Ranks 41st on Forbes annual Best States for Business list

No more BadgerCare for you, state tells 92,000 recipients

Where’s Walker?:

On the Road, Again: Scott Walker Courts Big Money for Presidential Campaign in New York, D.C.

Walker Excuse of the Week:

On the “gold standard” QCEW jobs numbers that show Wisconsin adding jobs at only half the national average and ranked 37th in the nation in jobs the past two years:

“These numbers are March to March, and in March of last year, we were still three months out from the recall election,” Walker said at a press conference in Chicago, where he appeared at an economic forum. “And as I point out repeatedly, employers in the state were basically frozen until they knew what would happen in that election and the uncertainty it caused.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/27/13, “Walker attributes slow job growth to uncertainty created by recall election”]