Walker Weekly Wrap-Up

Sep 19, 2013

Welcome to a new feature from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the Walker Weekly Update. Every Friday afternoon, we’ll be recapping where Scott Walker’s presidential campaign has taken him (and maybe even how often he’s using the state plane to fly between Madison and Milwaukee), the biggest news stories, and of course, Walker’s Excuse of the Week.

In the News:

WalkerGate, Vol. 2 – Scott Walker’s Latest Pay-to-Play Scandal

Editorial Boards Oppose GOP Open Records Scheme

Where’s Walker?:

Oh the Road, Again: Scott Walker Brings His Presidential Campaign to Michigan

Hidden Trip to Campaign for President in Ohio

Walker Excuse of the Week:

On his budget veto that tailored a grant especially for an unqualified Tea Party group that endorsed him in the recall election:

“Again, not being involved in it… it’s really hard for me to comment because you get bits and pieces that you hear about,” Walker told reporters when asked if Suder handled the grant proposal appropriately as a legislator. “But from our standpoint, it’s one of those things where there are multitudes of amendments offered and budget motions are made. A lot of things happen pretty quickly.” [The Capital Times, 9/18/13, “Walker maintains he knew nothing about efforts behind United Sportsmen grant”]