ICYMI: Scott Walker’s “Unintimidated” Short on Fact, Long on Fiction

Oct 28, 2013

Walker Autobiography Rewrites History as He Campaigns for President

Scott Walker’s self-serving presidential campaign playbook doesn’t hit the shelves until November, but early reports indicate the so-called autobiography is more of a work of fiction.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Scott Walker’s book is full of inaccuracies and discrepancies, to include a contradictory retelling of the infamous call Walker took from a liberal blogger whom he believed was billionaire David Koch, a Tea Party activist whose special interest groups have spent millions in direct support of Walker.

On the call, which was recorded and replayed widely on the internet and in multiple news outlets, Walker openly contemplated inserting “troublemakers” into the peaceful protests, only abandoning the idea for fear that it would harm his image.

According to the Journal Sentinel, “In the book, Walker claims ‘we never — never — considered putting ‘troublemakers’ in the crowd to discredit the protesters.’ But in a news conference held the day the prank call was released, Walker said the idea had been debated, saying, ‘We dismissed that and said that wasn’t a good idea.’”

WKOW television attempted to clarify the discrepancies with Walker, who declined to elaborate stating, “Actually, per the publisher I can’t comment on the book til the 19th (of November) when it comes out, but, its clear each of those, we can spell out where the details are.”

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