Walker Weekly Wrap-Up — Oct 4

Oct 03, 2013

Welcome to a new feature from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, the Walker Weekly Update.

Every Friday afternoon, we’ll be recapping where Scott Walker’s presidential campaign has taken him (and maybe even how often he’s using the state plane to fly between Madison and Milwaukee), the biggest news stories, and of course, Walker’s Excuse of the Week — by the way, this week’s excuse is a real doozy.

In the News:

Does Scott Walker Blame 2016 Rival Paul Ryan for Government Shutdown?

Wisconsin Democrats Call on Wisconsin Television Stations to Remove False, Misleading Scott Walker Jobs Ads

Walker again touts Philly Fed economic data despite questions of validity

Fishing trip underscores close ties between Suder, United Sportsmen

Philly Fed says Scott Walker, WMC offer misleading data on Wisconsin economy

Game of musical chairs further highlights scandal

Scott Suder steps away from job in Scott Walker’s administration

How to end shutdown? Feds could learn from me, Walker says

Walker Excuse of the Week:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has called out Scott Walker and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce for misusing economic data. In response, Walker and his team have doubled down on their false and misleading claims, all while blaming the media for “politicizing” the economic data:

“Maybe the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia should direct their disdain at the news media for politicizing these rankings, instead of our office,” said a spokesman for Walker. [“Walker again touts Philly Fed economic data despite questions of validity,” The Capital Times, 10/4/13]