ICYMI: Gov. Walker Kicking Tens of Thousands Off the Most Successful Aspect of the Affordable Care Act Thus Far

Nov 14, 2013

Scott Walker’s so-called “fix” to BadgerCare is to simply wait another three months to kick the most needy Wisconsinites off their health insurance. 

Gov. Walker will try to blame Washington, but the fact is that he is unnecessarily removing tens of thousands of people from BadgerCare for the sake of partisan politics and his own political ambitions. 

The governor walked in lock-step with radical Tea Party governors around the country to reject billions federal funding to expand the BadgerCare program up to 138% of the federal poverty level. A move that will kick off 77,470 people currently enrolled in the program and result in Wisconsin paying more to insure fewer citizens.

Medicaid Expansion has gone on to become the early success story of the Affordable Care Act after signing up over 440,000 people in 10 states since open enrollment began. 
Scott  Walker is effectively kicking tens of thousands of people off the most successful aspect of the Affordable Care Act thus far. 

The political games from this governor must end. The special session is an opportunity to provide a real solution and accept billions of federal dollars to expand critical health care that thousands of Wisconsinites rely on.

“It’s a shame that some of the state’s neediest people will be kicked off the BadgerCare program, left without health insurance, and forced to face mountains of medical debt on their own. It’s completely unnecessary, especially when those people can easily be insured if the governor accepts the federal funds available,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Wednesday “Wisconsin deserves better than a governor who would rather lead in his own political interests than in the best interests of the people.”