On the Road, Again: Scott Walker to Take "Abandoning Wisconsin Families Tour" to New York This Month

Nov 05, 2013

Scott Walker’s “Abandoning Wisconsin Families Tour” will hit the road, again, alongside Sen. Lindsey Graham, to court activists and big money donors in New York on November 18. Walker has made pandering to out-of-state donors his highest priority, traveling to SeattleMichiganNew York, and D.C. since September. 

Walker’s trip will come just weeks after his Tea Party rival Gov. Chris Christie won a landslide reelection, boosting his 2016 election hopes. 

“Once again Scott Walker is putting his presidential ambitions above the needs of hard-working families in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “This is Walker’s second time campaigning in New York in the last two months. Instead of taking his dismal record on the road, Walker should be here, working to get Wisconsin’s economy back on track for the middle-class.”