ICYMI: "Plain Talk: Scott Walker wouldn't dare lecture Minnesota"

Dec 15, 2013

Scott Walker enjoys poking fun and lecturing our neighbor to the south, Illinois, but as Capital Times editor Dave Zweifel opines: He wouldn’t dare lecture Minnesota.

Walker surely won’t take his criticism to our friends on the western boarder. The last time he tried that, Minnesota’s own Gov. Dayton advised “Gov. Walker focus on his problems” since “Gov. Walker’s economy is faring far worse than Minnesota’s.”

What you probably won’t find in Walker’s next opinion piece is that in only three years Minnesota has left Walker’s Wisconsin behind and made his tea party policies look foolish when applied in the real world. 

Walker’s Wisconsin is 34th in the nation in job creation and thanks to his nearsighted approach to healthcare reform Wisconsinites will pay 79% – 99% higher rates than Minnesotans on the average individual healthcare plan. 

“In Walker’s Tea Party Wisconsin tens of thousands of people get kicked off their healthcare, workers can’t keep their heads above water due to failed economic policies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Monday. “It’s just embarrassing when Gov. Walker tries to lecture other states on how to conduct their business, especially when Wisconsin is moving backwards each day.”

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