Scott Walker's Broken Promise To Wisconsin's Children

Dec 04, 2013

Yesterday, the Republican majority in the State Assembly rubberstamped Scott Walker’s mean-spirited healthcare plan that breaks an early campaign promise to his most innocent constituents in Wisconsin. 
Just in time for the holidays Scott Walker has taken on an Ebenezer Scrooge like form. The Walker campaign recently asked families to forgo buying Christmas gifts for their children and instead donate to his re-election. Now, Walker is touting a horribly cobbled together healthcare plan that breaks a key promise from his 2010 campaign where he vowed to “make sure kids are covered” with health insurance. 

Walker has manufactured a healthcare crisis in the state for his own political gain that endangers the health of Wisconsin’s children. When the governor decided to reject federal funding to expand Badgercare he jeopardized the health coverage of 29,000 children in the state who would otherwise be automatically covered by the expansion. Federal funding is still available to allow the state to cover the most innocent Wisconsinites, create an estimated 10,000 jobs, and save the state $86 million in this biennium alone.

“Scott Walker’s healthcare decision was meant to help him in 2016, not children who rely on BadgerCare today,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on ThursdayBroken promises from this governor aren’t new, his record is chalk full of promises left unfulfilled, but It’s an absolute shame that he feels his political ambitions eclipse the well-being and health of Wisconsin’s children.”