Scott Walker’s Large Corporate Christmas Gift

Dec 16, 2013

Wisconsin families could use some attention from Scott Walker this holiday season, but unfortunately he’s already spread his cheer to the benefactors who fill his campaign coffers each year.

The numbers tell the entire story. Scott Walker has worked harder for his corporate pals than for middle-class families during his time as Governor. In fact, after pledging not to raise taxes, Walker did exactly that for the lowest-income families, even as he cut taxes for the largest corporations by $83.3 million.

A recent economic survey found that only those from households with a total annual income of $80,000 or more were likely to describe their personal financial situation in positive terms. It’s no wonder that 70% of Wisconsinites think they’re worse off now than when Walker took office.

Walker promised to look out for working families and get them back to work, instead he broke his tax promise and carried out a lopsided tax plan that only helped his old corporate backers and gained him new friends through tax breaks and giveaways.

“We shouldn’t be surprised to see Scott Walker made Christmas come early for his corporate buddies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said on Tuesday. “The governor has no interest in fighting for Wisconsin families, instead, rewarding friends has been the true hallmark of the Walker administration.”