Scott Walker Fails to Deliver Jobs Promise to Central Wisconsin

Jan 14, 2014

After rushing to defend fellow Tea Party governor Chris Christie, and conveniently forgetting his own history of legal investigation yesterday, Scott Walker is set to make a “brown bag” visit to a manufacturing business in Stratford today. 

Walker’s visit comes as the most recent “gold standard” jobs numbers continue to cast a dark cloud over the administration’s job creation efforts. Wisconsin fell to 37th in the nation in job growth over the past year. According to the latest, most accurate federal jobs numbers available, the state netted zero new manufacturing jobs and created only 23,963 new jobs in the past year — the worst numbers for a one-year period in the state over the past three years. Adding insult to injury, the state netted zero new manufacturing jobs. 

“The hardworking families in Marathon County deserve a governor focused on bringing family sustaining jobs back to the area,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “But the reality is Scott Walker would rather stand up for his Tea Party friends than for working class households in Central Wisconsin.”