Scott Walker Touts Non-Existent Manufacturing Growth on Hartland Visit

Jan 16, 2014

In advance of his third State of the State address next week, Scott Walker is pressing pause on his nationwide “Abandoning Wisconsin Families Tour”, stopping in Hartland today to applaud the growth of manufacturing company  EmbedTek. 

Walker visited EmbedTek in 2012 and called the small manufacturing business a “great example of our economy improving”. Over a year later Wisconsin’s manufacturing industry is struggling mightily. 

One of the many, unfortunate, low-lights of the most recent and accurate jobs numbers was the news that Wisconsin netted zero new manufacturing jobs over the past year. Walker’s trip to Hartland is another example of cherry-picking economic statistics and businesses to flatter his fantasy job creation narrative. 

The governor’s failure has harmful affects on countless Wisconsin families who once relied on a strong manufacturing industry to provide family sustaining jobs. 

“Scott Walker isn’t fooling anyone by touting non-existent manufacturing job growth, especially not the families struggling to make ends meet each month,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Friday. “Today, the governor put on a show for the lights and cameras, but households across the state know they deserve better.”