Scott Walker's Problem With the Truth

Feb 06, 2014

Politifact recently released the ten most fact-checked people on its Truth-O-Meter since its inception in 2007. The independent fact-checking organization found that Scott Walker has been checked enough times to rank him number nine on the list of the most fact-checked politicians in America. 
Based on the report, Scott Walker ranks as the number one most factually-challenged politician in America.
Walker has a higher percentage of false claims than anyone on the list. Of his 85 checks, more than half, 54% of them where rated “mostly false”, “false”, or “pants on fire”. In fact, he is the only person on the list to have more false claims than true.  Compared to President Barack Obama, who topped the list with 500 fact-checks with 73% of them being rated “true”, mostly true”, or “half-true”.

Scott Walker may not be used to rankings this high, since the governor who promised to create a quarter of a million jobs currently owns a 37th in the nation ranking on job creation, a 45th in the nation ranking on prospective job growth, and a 48th in the nation ranking on small business start-ups. 
“Scott Walker has a problem with the truth because it isn’t politically advantageous for him. Wisconsin is cratering in major economic indicators, and families statewide are suffering because of his failure.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday.”What this report shows us is that Walker is the most factually-challenged politician in America. When he opens his mouth to speak on anything from job creation to taxes it’s more than likely untrue.”