As Wisconsin Rejects Him, Scott Walker Escapes to New Hampshire

Mar 14, 2014

The latest national poll numbers show that Wisconsin voters are rejecting Scott Walker’s failed agenda, with his approval rating falling to 45 percent — tied with Democratic challenger Mary Burke — and a whopping 61 percent of Wisconsin voters saying they don’t think Walker should run for president.

With such a lack of enthusiasm at home, it comes as no surprise that Scott Walker is taking his “Abandoning Wisconsin Families” tour on the road to New Hampshire today to court Tea Party support for his presidential ambitions.

Walker will have to hold out hope, though, that primary voters in New Hampshire don’t care about job growth, as the latest jobs numbers show Wisconsin did not gain a single job in January — the very same month Walker said the economy was “dramatically better.”

And Walker also has to hope they don’t mind a candidate who’s been a subject of not one, but two, criminal corruption probes that have already sent four of his top aides to prison.

With questions about the criminal probe unanswered, and such dismal support back home, it makes sense that Walker wants to hit the road. But as the rest of the country learns what Wisconsin already knows about Scott Walker, they probably won’t want him either.