ICYMI: Another Wisconsin Newspaper Calls on Scott Walker to Answer Questions About His Role in Criminal Investigation

Mar 03, 2014

Appleton Post Crescent: “Walker owes explanation about secret email system”

The Appleton Post Crescent on Sunday joined the growing, bipartisan chorus of Wisconsinites and editorial boards calling for Scott Walker to answer questions about his role in the John Doe criminal corruption probe that resulted in convictions for six top Walker aides and advisers.

The release of more than 27,000 pages of emails obtained off of a secret email network installed just steps away from Scott Walker’s desk that Walker and his “inner circle” of campaign advisers and county staff used to campaign illegally and subvert open records has raised more questions than answers.

Among the questions raised by the Post Crescent, “Why did the secret email system exist if not to subvert the public? Why was there the need for it? Its existence shows that those who used it did so to hide their actions from the public. Why did those actions need hiding? How is the secret email system reflective of good government?”

To date, Walker has refused to answer questions about what he knew about the secret network and when he knew it.

The Post Crescent disagrees with Walker’s refusal to answer, stating that, “Walker has refused to answer questions about the email system, but he needs to. Did he know about it and participate in it, as at least one of the emails states? And if so, how does he think this secret system was ethical? How does he think hiding communication that’s considered a public record was serving his constituents?”

“His answers will speak to his integrity not just when he was Milwaukee County executive but today, as governor. His lack of answers so far speaks to it, too.”

Read the editorial in its entirety here.