Scott Walker: Out of Touch on Jobs and the Economy

Mar 19, 2014

With no apparent plan from Scott Walker to grow jobs, the latest, most accurate federal jobs data shows Wisconsin ranked 35th in the nation and 9th out of 10 in the Midwest when it comes to job creation.

Walker’s response? “We’re still doing much better than we were doing previously.”

Actually, no we’re not — on the day that Scott Walker took office, Wisconsin was ranked 11th in the nation in job growth.

Without an apparent plan to grow jobs, and with a preference for radical social legislation over serious economic policy that would invest in education, innovation, and infrastructure, Scott Walker has presided over Wisconsin’s precipitous fall in the job growth rankings.

And based on revised statistics, Wisconsin has fallen again in the past quarter from 34th to 35th. The latest data also shows that Wisconsin did not gain a single private sector job in January, the same month Scott Walker said the economy was doing “dramatically better,” and lost nearly 700 manufacturing jobs in the most recent one-year period.

“By any standard, Wisconsin is doing worse today under Scott Walker in terms of job growth compared to the rest of the nation than we were on the day Walker took office,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “With no apparent plan to grow jobs, Scott Walker is so out of touch with reality that he might actually believe 35th in the nation in job growth is ‘dramatically better.’ But middle class families know that’s just not good enough.”